5 Smart Reasons Why Super Affiliates Prefer Solo Ads Traffic

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First, if you’re not using solo ads to drive ready-to-buy traffic to your offers then you’re making an ample mistake. Of all the traffic generation sources available to you, solo ads “done for you traffic” is one of the best. Period!

You and I know that the #1 reason why people fail online is because they were unable to reach the a sizable number of buyers or perhaps, they reached a large number of people who care less about their products.SoloAdsAgency-logo-final-2

Having worked with and interviewed several Super Affiliates recently, I want to show you the 5 smart reasons why they go for solo ads traffic, especially the service from SoloAdsAgency.com. Are you ready?


1.   Push button system

Everyone wants a system that is easy to set up. Solo Ads Agency has streamlined the entire process and all it takes now is the push of a button and your message will get to thousands of people who have asked for your offer. Exciting, isn’t it?Affiliate-MARKETING-Tips

These people have various needs in their lives and they’re relying on you to help bring smiles to their faces. Solo Ads traffic is a push button system because you don’t have to do any extra configuration or programming to get it done.


You have total control of your message and Solo Ads Agency can even send your message to the right audience in plain text or use one of their high-converting graphic templates. The choice is all yours.

2.   Lesser competition

So many people who signed up to make money online go the wrong way. 87% of these people will start a wordpress blog with the hope of attracting thousands of readers monthly.

This might never happen because blogging is too stressful and the competition is fierce. Solo Ads traffic eliminates the workload and gives you access to a database of serious businesspeople who are interested in your product.

You can even use Solo Ads to drive traffic to your “My Top Tier Business (MTTB) website or any other affiliate link just like I and made well over $18,000 in the first month. Yes, the competition is there and will continue to drown newbies, but by using solo ads you will rise above the noise and earn more money.


3.   Targeted to your niche

The beauty of Solo Ads “done for you traffic” is that no matter your niche, you can reach thousands of people at the push of a button.

One of the lessons I learned when I joined MOBE and other high ticket business model is that all traffic are not created equal. Some traffic can be very targeted to your niche, while others might just be a waste of your time.

With Solo Ads from the right source, you don’t have to beat your heads looking for the right audience. Just choose your campaign wisely, send traffic to your URL, sit back, relax and wait for sales to roll in. Sounds simple huh? Because it is.


You can track your campaign

Another smart reason why Super Affiliates prefer Solo Ads over other forms of traffic generation strategy is because you can track it. Testing your campaign to determine what works, what to do next and how to make better decisions.

Lack of adequate tracking system is one of the reasons why Blogging and SEO traffic is unreliable. Yes, those sources can send you targeted traffic, but how do you determine what you did right or wrong?

It’s easy with Solo Ads because you get to know your email open rates, click-through rates and conversion rate.

Tracking the right metrics and using them to make wise decisions is what differentiates Super Affiliates who earn 7 figure income annually, and those who are barely breaking even.

5.   Instant traffic to your website

If you’re looking for instant traffic to your website, then Solo Ads is what you need. This is because there are rarely any other means of getting high-converting prospects to your website other than Solo Ads or PPC. My second pick is JV.

The downsides of Pay Per Click Advertising is that you may lose a lot of money if you’re a novice. But Solo Ads Agency will not let that happen to you. With the free consultation, they can guide you accordingly in choosing the ideal package for your budget.


So why waste money on AdWords PPC when you can determine the outcome of your business? Search no more. Get instant traffic today and join the elite super affiliates who understands how to make millions online.

Solo Ads Takeaway

And to you my dear friend, solo ads is the way to go if you want instant traffic, increased sales and credibility online to help you build your business, fast, using email solo ads.


Don’t forget that Solo Ads is permission-based system. In other words, you’ll never run into legal troubles when your offer appears in someone’s (prospect) inbox – because they have given you the right to do so.

Solo Ads “done for you traffic” is cheaper and faster than any other source of traffic you can even imagine. Still don’t know how or where to start from?

Get a free consultation today and let our Agency grow your daily traffic, sales and income. See you ahead!

I also made the 7 step cheatsheet to getting solo ads that convert to help you to start getting boatloads of email subscribers and leads, ultra fast and targeted.

solo ads agency

Using a trusted traffic agency like Solo Ads Agency is essential to keep  a consistent amount of traffic flowing to your website regularly, ensuring that you have constant leads and sales flowing into your email list so you can generate more sales and commissions.

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