7 Deadly Mistakes 97% of People Make When Buying Solo Ads

I can’t hold it anymore.   solo ads

A lot of people who are supposed to be making money online are getting burnt just because they’re making some deadly mistakes when it comes to buying solo ads. You’ve got to stop!

I could still recall when I started online and followed the same steps by the so-called gurus. You know the line: choose a niche, pick a product, design a website and then use any of those channels to get traffic. And maybe sales...Oops!

Well, I tried and tried all of them, got little or no significant result and quit. Then I discovered the power of Solo ads and as a newbie, I was on the verge of making the same mistakes that 97% of people are making right now.

If you’re one of those people who buy solo ads or plan to buy one and you’re hoping to make sales or commission from your campaign, you’re already trapped.


It’s because success is never by accident. Today, I’m a 7-figure income earner not by fluke; which happens and disappears. Before you buy a Solo Ads, make sure you understand and can without doubt determine your outcome – to a large extent.
I’m not saying you should be “exact” as to how many sales you would make – but as much as you can refuse to act like the blind leading another blind man.

Having said that, I want to share with you the 7 deadly mistakes 97% of people make and how to avoid them – exclusively to Solo Ads buyers or prospects. Let’s go there:

1. No proper Solo Ads Education

Solo Ads ‘done for you traffic’ is not a shortcut to making millions online. Although it can speed up the rate at which you generate leads and sales if you do it the right way, still you’ve to know how it works.

For instance, when I started SoloAdsAgency.com, my #1 goal was to be different because there are thousands of solo ads sellers online. Of course, there are reliable ones which I can recommend but most of them are total crap.

I tried several strategies until I discovered the influence of speaking with people one-on-one either through phone calls or having their presence.

Now, before you buy solo ads from us, we would first of all educate you on what it entails. I believe this to be the best effective way to nurture a thriving audience and prepare you for what lies ahead.

So, never invest in a solo ads agency or seller if you’re a total novice to it. The wisest step to take is to get a free consultation, and gain adequate information before investing your money. Do this and you’ll eliminate this deadly mistake and ensure your success with solo ads.

2. Not using the right Solo Ads Provider

Soloadsagency.com may not be the cutting-edge in solo ads “done for you traffic” providers, but we’re the right channel for your internet home business.

The reason why I say this is because for the past few years, we’ve served hundreds of 6 and 7-figure super affiliates, products owners and keynote speakers and the success stories are pouring in. See testimonials

Never under-estimate the power of adequate Solo Ads education as this would help you decipher who is the right medium to invest your hard earned money with and get results.

I’m putting it to you that it’s a deadly mistake to use the wrong solo ads agency for your campaign. Why? It’s a waste of your money, your precious time and it could even discourage you from seeing stellar opportunities in your online business.

3. Sending Leads Directly to the Sales page

Buddy, this mistake is like flying the Atlantic Ocean without having your belt on, or playing golf without knowing the concept of putt and swings.

The truth of the matter is that nothing else would work for you if you fail to capture leads. Buying solo ads can be profitable when you understand the psychology behind selling.

Studies have shown that it takes up to 7 contacts to build a level of trust with a potential buyer before they can buy from you.
So let’s assume you’re promoting MOBE system and you purchased solo ads. If you send traffic directly to MOBE sales page, you may convert one person or no person at all. Wrong approach…

But if you capture the email address and follow up via autoresponder messages, your chances of making a handful sales in the next 7 days is high. At one point or the other in my online business, I’ve made this same mistake and I paid dearly for it. Collect leads first. Sell later…

4. Not having a high-converting product

I’m so impressed by the conversion rate My Top Tier Business model gives. As a result of this system, I managed to generate over $18,000 within the first month of joining. Now, what would have happened if the product was mediocre or has a doggy sales letter?

Fast forward to 2014 – a lot of internet marketers still make the same mistake. It doesn’t matter who the product creator is to you, if the product isn’t converting then drop it and move on.

Solo Ads Traffic is all about directing qualified email subscribers to your offer.

These people to an extent understand what you’re talking about because you’ll be sending your offer to those who asked for it. Solo Ads is going to cost you money, so make use of the traffic judiciously by sending them directly to a high-converting product immediately they optin to your list.

5. No adequate tracking system

Did you know that most solo ads providers don’t provide avenues for tracking and measuring your reach? I would advise you stay away from such providers.

When running an online business, you need to know what works, where to focus your attention on and when to pause or totally stop a solo ads campaign.

Split testing is essential for product creators and copywriters. Adequate tracking system is a “must” for Solo Ads buyers because it helps to make better business decisions to trounce the competition.

That’s why My Top Tier Business is a viable business you can try your hands on if you’re new or advanced internet marketer. It has a well-structured follow up system that helps you track who responded to your email, clicked your affiliate links and purchased from you. This is vital.

6. Not having a resource

I just launched my Encarta Dictionaries to see the definition of a resource. Here: “A resource is somebody or something that is a source of help or information.”

In other words, it’s a back up supply. When buying solo ads, never depend on one-time sales and bum, you’re nowhere to be found. As the founder of Soloadsagency.com, I personally do not believe in exploiting a prospect/customer one time without making a back up available.

You need a blog. I’ve multiple blogs where I provide a source of help or information to help my leads and customers learn more, get qualified traffic and increase their income. It’s about supporting others and standing in the gap between them and their worlds.

There is a lot of distractions out there – if you buy solo ads and maybe make $5,000 today without educating, nurturing and building up a thriving community, you’ll lose them & never achieve financial freedom.

Ideally, get a blog, create your own product or develop software that can act as a source of help or information for your leads.

7. Taking the wrong steps

You need the right funnel. Since I started offering Solo Ads “ready-made” traffic, our zeal has always been to guide our customers in taking the right steps. Because the wrong step can mar your success with solo ads buying.

For instance, some people would buy solo ads and send to a website that has no sales funnel to convert subscribers/traffic into customers. Awful.

Also, most people have not even decided on the products to sell on the front-end, and the one to offer as a one-time offer because buying solo ads. If you take the wrong steps, it can lead to a confused marketing and render your efforts and money powerless.

Solo Ads ‘done for you traffic’ is intended to help you get targeted traffic to your website, generate sales on the product you’re offering and help you gain traction online, faster, than blogging and forum marketing.

Solo Ads takeaway

If you want to make money online and gain financial freedom in life, you need to join the fast moving train, instead of waiting for it to arrive at the station.

solo ads

Solo Ads traffic is the right and effective source of quality traffic you can ever use. I’m a living testimony to what solo ads traffic can do and thousands of people can’t stop appreciating the awesomeness of it.