Do You Know What’s Killing Your Affiliate Income? (You’ll Be Shocked)

Looking back, I can boldly say that ‘not knowing what to do’ is the greatest obstacle to personal and business growth. affiliate income tutorial

I’ll tell you why.

There was a time when I struggled to earn affiliate income. Most times, the sales would trickle in and then, disappeared for days.

Of course, I worked harder on a regular basis, read a lot of books and even attended a handful of Affiliate Seminars and Webinars. I learned so much, but I was broke.

affiliate income tutorial

Why I love Affiliate Marketing

I can’t deny the fact that affiliate marketing has contributed the bulk of my online earnings.

Flash your mind back to some posts of mine you may have read where I mentioned that I earned above $18,000 in affiliate commissions from My Top Tier Business – this happened barely one month when I joined.

It’s not always been like that for me. Actually, that incident marked the regime of a new and successful affiliate marketing career. And I want to reveal the “secret.”

affiliate income tutorial

By that time, I’ve figured out what works. What I must do and what needs to be ignored temporarily until I’ve started to earn passive income. One of such pending activities which I’m yet to begin again is guest blogging. I guess it’s high time I give it a head up. What do you think?

I love affiliate marketing because of the freedom it brings. Yes, at the beginning you may struggle to make your first, second and third sales. But once you’ve mastered the art, it becomes your second nature, tapped to your skin and you can’t escape from the influx of affiliate commissions on a daily basis.

How can it happen?

Having praised affiliate marketing and all of that, why are so many people still unable to make a decent income through this model? Is it that their chosen niche or product isn’t helpful for the target audience? Sure, this could hinder many product sales, but I don’t think it’s the primary.

affiliate income tutorial

The only factor that can stop you from making a lot of money online as an affiliate isn’t a poorly designed website. It’s not high-priced products either because I’ve been promoting an internet marketing product that costs $1999 and the conversion rate is very high. The #1 factor is…

Lack of targeted traffic

Without targeted traffic coming to you, you CAN’T make money online. Period!

It doesn’t matter the product you’re promoting as an affiliate, you need people who have money and are willing to invest in you. Even if you’re a consultant or freelancer, you really need prospects desperately. You can’t deny that, can you?

You can ask any successful affiliate marketer what their secret sauce is for making a living online. If they’re honest, they’ll tell you that “targeted traffic” is your surest bet. It’s always been mine.

And when it comes to getting traffic, most affiliate marketers do it the wrong way. That is why you need a guide; a mentor to lead you by the hand. Someone who’s succeeded in affiliate marketing, made loads of money and built a legacy to offer you a helping hand.

affiliate income tutorial

And the truth is that all traffic sources are not created equal. You can’t compare the quality of traffic from twitter to blogging because followers are interested in quick updates while blog readers are loyal and committed to you.

In the same way, if all your focus is on twitter and facebook marketing, then you’ll not get the full benefits of affiliate marketing. Of course, if you do your homework well, facebook engagement can be rewarding as I’ve seen over the past few years.

If you can engage your fans and keep them abreast of what’s happening especially when you host a new helpful webinar, then you’re good to go. But it takes a lot of time and that, I do not have.

Solo Ads “done for you traffic”

Imagine setting up a campaign right now and in the next 7 days, you’re still receiving targeted traffic to your affiliate offer? How much do you think you can make?

affiliate income tutorial

This is where solo ads ‘done for you’ traffic come in and I encourage you to try it. It’s one of the best traffic sources I’ve tried and it works so well – especially when you learn how to write winning email letters.

It’s just like your normal email marketing, but solo ads traffic is targeted and your recipients already asked for the email they’re receiving.
The fact that it’s “permission based” makes it more palatable for your affiliate business. Before I founded, I’ve used, got satisfied with a handful of solo ads services as well as hissed at some of them.

But in our own case, we have over the past 4 years systematized the whole thing: Just create your campaign using our quick start guide, tell us where (URL) to send the prospects and that’s all – you’ll start receiving ready-to-buy visitors to your “money website” and you know what that means – SALES.

affiliate income tutorial

Take that first step right now…

What are you going to do with all the information you’ve gotten from this post? Most people will ignore it and wonder why their affiliate income is lame. I’m sure you’re wiser than that. You’ve to take the first step towards making a living online as an affiliate. Get a free traffic getting consultation.

Meanwhile, if you want a better and more profitable affiliate business model that takes away the strains of customer service and efficient tracking, I recommend MOBE/MTTB.

And to help you even further with getting high quality solo ads, I created the 7 step cheatsheet to getting solo ads that convert and you can download it instantly for free below.