A ClickFunnels Review (After Building 100+ Funnels)

Taking the internet marketing world by storm is the website builder (and so much more) called Click Funnels. Created by the very successful marketer Russell Brunson, he really gave back to the industry with Click Funnels and how it can help you.


There is a bunch of other similar website builders online that you can choose from, so let's see why Click Funnels is one that you want to look into or not and help you to make a better buying decision.

One of the other leaders in this same field is the company called Lead Pages. Now the similarities with Click Funnels and Lead Pages are identical but not the same. And only someone who has experience with both platforms will be able to explain this essential part to you.

What Is Click Funnels?

Click Funnels is a sales funnel builder, website builder, and so much more in between. Building high quality sales funnels from point a to c is now easier than ever before thanks to CF and Russell Brunson. Prior to CF you would have to know website code and all sorts of crazy algorithms just to piece together a simple converting sales funnel.


With the power of CF, you can now do this with just a few clicks on your mouse. From building landing pages to generate email leads, sell products that you own or affiliate products, run webinars and automated webinars, create blog posts and still so much more is covered within Click Funnels.

It might sound like a big headache with all of these features, but it's extremely simple to get started, get going and getting results with your online business. So if you're looking to get creative and build out some brand new sales funnels or if you are great at designing web pages you can even offer your services to others and still get paid.

You get to do stuff like:

  • Optin/Lead Capture Funnels
  • Sales Page Funnels
  • Upsells/downsells to your sales process
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Membership Sites

How Much Is Click Funnels?

You got two options with paying for Click Funnels. You can choose the $97 per month option or the $297 per month option if you're looking for even more power for your machine.


This is not a cheap product and you don't want cheap, you want quality.

The $97 per month option is the basic option but still offers a lot of flexibility when you're getting started with your online marketing in the most effective way possible.

The $297 per month option is for you if you need more pages, funnels and if you send a ton of traffic to your website than you will need this level.

How Can Click Funnels Help You?

Are you looking to grow your business? Increase your sales conversions? Sell your products or services from the comfort of your home using the internet? Click Funnels is your go-to tool when it comes to accomplishing any of these tasks and so much more.

Clickfunnels Review

Click Funnels has a very unique webpage editor and this is where it really shines out from the rest.

The editor allows you to create, design and craft many different types of pages for your new sales funnels with a few clicks of your mouse. Your ideas can now be brought out from thought onto the web in a matter of minutes, depending on how speedy you are.

You don't need any experience in website code or any of the internet languages because the editor inside of CF is point and click, drag and drop instead of building pages using coding.

Using the editor you can move parts of your website around, add new elements, change colours and track the conversion rates of your opt ins and sales conversion rate.

Click Funnels also comes pre-loaded with page templates and funnel templates that allow you to plug right in and get rolling very fast. The funnel templates have all the required parts of a well structured sales funnel from the opt in page, trip wire offer, core offer up sell and as many additional offers you want, plus a elegant thank you and download page.

If you're looking to run webinars, you can easily setup automated webinar funnels just as easy as a normal sales funnel in CF.


A few more really cool features inside of CF is the ability to send emails to your subscribers, send notifications via sms text messages for reminders, track sales conversions, split test different pages to increase conversions and still, so much more than we can mention here.

This truly is a tool that you must have in your arsenal ready to pull out and use at any given time to help you generate more leads, make more sales and ultimately earn more money online using internet marketing strategies and a good sales funnel.

How To Get More Traffic?

Great, now that you got your sales funnels ready for traffic, this is where we come in the picture to help you with your traffic generation efforts.

Having a good sales funnel is one part, the other part is the getting high quality traffic that converts into sales over and over again.

solo ads agency

To help you with this, I created a 7 step cheatsheet to getting solo ads that convert, and you can download this for free below.

Email solo ads are one of the most effective ways to generate traffic, convert traffic into leads and leads into sales, which means cash in your accounts.

Solo Ads Agency is here to help you generate boat loads of done for you traffic and you can send all the traffic to website url you want to, probably to your highest converting sales funnel.

We have coaches on board who will work with you personally to help you get more traffic to fit your budget and frequency of traffic, which means how many eye balls are on your website or offer.

Getting more traffic is the lifeblood of your business and without traffic, you have no business because no traffic means no sales.

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