Unbelievable Crazy Egg Review – (Uncover the truth)

This is a killer new blog post about Neil Patel's ‘Crazy Egg' and how it can analyze your websites and landing pages to determine what your visitors are clicks on and how you can increase your conversions.

Crazy Egg Review

This new website CrazyEgg.com has a unique flavour to it backed up with high credibility to push it over the top and it makes you want to give it a test run on your websites.Crazy Egg Review

Any website owner, sales funnel creator, marketer knows that feeling of wanting your sales to increase by tweaking certain elements your webpages. This is part of the optimization phase and is crucial for long term growth and expansion.


To get Crazy Egg to analyze your website, all you do is add a little script that is not visible, as it watches your visitors every move on your website and analyses the data to help you improve it.


  •  Find out where your visitors came from
  • Discover exactly where they clicked the most
  • How much of your content they read before leaving
  • and more…

This crazy egg review is completely un-biased, as I have learned a number of things from Neil Patel when it comes to blogging and website optimization.Crazy Egg Review

Let's uncover why Crazy Egg has the internet world raving!

What Is Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg is a website script add-on that records your visitors every move and click on your website to determine how you can improve the conversion rate.

There are four different ways to use it:

  • Heatmap View
  • Scrollmap View
  • Confetti, List View
  • Overlay View

It is comparable to a x-ray scanner to watch exactly what moves your website visitors take, what they click on the most, what they don't click on, which parts of your page need more information and more.

Imagine being able to spy on your website visitors every time they hit your page? You can find a list of different analytics tools to monitor this, but not all deliver the results in a simple fashion for anyone to be able to understand, grasp and take action on.

Neil Patel and Crazy Egg went above and beyond with this one, adding in all of the extra features and capabilities adding even more value to the package.

How Can Crazy Egg Help My Business?

This website optimization tool is perfect for online marketers, website developers, small business websites, blogs, sales funnels and more. I have Crazy Egg installed on one of my websites and thinking about it, I'm going to add it to the rest of my websites tonight.

Crazy Egg Review

After a while of recording website visitor data, Crazy Egg will analyze and show you the details, helping you to determine which parts of your funnel, website or blogs need to be fixed, to boost your conversion rates and stop all the visitors leaving your page empty handed, meaning they didn't buy!

You always want to be on the lookout for ways to improve your conversion rates, as this will lead to more sales and cash for you. As Mark Cuban says, “there has never been a business that could survive without sales”. That's such a great quote that is very true. Increase your sales. Crazy Egg is assisting you in doing that.

How Much Does Crazy Egg Cost?

There are 4 different pricing options available for Crazy Egg members, all of which come with free 30 day trial to make sure that you love it.

Crazy Egg Review

The 4 options are basic, standard, plus and pro. The basic level is $9 a month, standard is $19 a month, plus is $49 a month and pro is $99 a month. Of course this is only applicable if you're looking to increase your conversion rates, boost your sales and use Crazy Egg's heat map feature to analyze your website for visitor data.

What is it worth to you to determine how you can increase your website conversions? How much would your profits increase over the next 12 months if you increased your conversion rate by just 20%?

You can choose the best package that suits your needs and how big of a package that your campaign requires depending on the volume of your daily and monthly traffic flow.

How To Get More Traffic?

If you got Crazy Egg installed on your websites, the next step is to get more traffic flooding your websites and examine the data for optimizations.

There is a number of ways to increase your traffic flow, and one of the easiest ways is email solo ads from a trusted traffic agency.

Sending email solo ad traffic to a landing page can be very beneficial and profitable if the landing pages has been tested and optimized for conversion rates. You can also send solo ad traffic to a split test landing page to determine which has a higher opt in rate.

While investing in solo ads for your business, you will be building your email list at the same time which allows you to send your email traffic back to your landing pages for more conversions and testing.

Using solo ads to build your business in the home based industry is a proven method. Top earners have been using Solo Ads Agency since 2009 and continue to, to win affiliate contests and grow massive responsive email lists that buy stuff.

You want to move away from just using free traffic sources, and jump into paid traffic like solo ads to really test your offer and see how it converts with email traffic.

Solo ads can be delivered very fast with rapid results depending on the package you order and how much traffic you purchase.

Crazy Egg Review

To help you even further with this, I created the 7 step cheatsheet to getting solo ads that convert, and you can download it for free below.

Use this cheatsheet to help you skyrocket your email solo ad traffic, your email list and your conversion rate by incorporating Crazy Egg with your website analytics.

Join other top earners and start using Solo Ads Agency for your business and our coaches will work with you directly to help you boost your traffic.