Why I Don’t Do Keywords Research Like Everyone Else Does

Yes, I’ve always known that keywords research is important.  Keywords Research

Even my little boy knows about it. However, imagine following the same route that wrecked the Ship.

What do you think would happen to you? Internet marketing is a multi-faceted model and if you must win the game, you need to be “different.”

Now this doesn’t mean you should wear a different hat or reinvent the wheel. However it means you should approach every task in a different light.

For instance, most people write guest posts before pitching it to the blog owner. But before I write mine, I’d write the author and ask what specific topics he/she has been desperately looking to cover.

Keywords Research

Every online entrepreneur wants to feed her audience the right meals.

Since I can solve that problem by covering a unique and valuable topic via a guest post, my content will definitely be featured. Do you feel any shift in your thoughts as you read through this strategy?

Most people get it all wrong when they’re marketing online. Keyword research like I said earlier is fundamental and crucial to your affiliate success online. But I think you should ignore the way other people research keywords and do a stellar job?

Reason: Web Searchers are human beings

The only reason people come to Google to search for a particular keyword is because they’ve a need. They want a definite answer to that need. Even if someone is searching for the photos of Bill Gates – that is the information they’re looking for. The solution they’re seeking.

Web searchers are not robots. They’re human beings. They’ve needs and due to economic changes and lifestyle status, the way they search for information online can change. And it’s changed a lot since I built my first niche site.

What basically works right now when it comes to keyword research is “answering questions.” Did you know that most of the viable and profitable keywords are hidden on people’s words? I mean, when you listen to your target audience or ask questions that get feedback; you’d be thrilled by the data from your prospects.

Keywords Research

Even if you find a keyword like “best solo ads agency,” there is no guarantee you would rank #1 or #8 in Google first page if you optimize for it.

Because at the root of those keywords are the intents of your audience. They’re desperate for answers and if you can address that, then you’ve more opportunities of driving targeted traffic and making more money.

The Best Keywords Research Tactics I use

It’s impossible to neglect keyword research tools. I still use Google keywords planner to determine the overall demand of the product I want to promote or sell.

But here’s how I do keywords research and in my opinion, it’s the ideal way to dominate Google top 10 and make a living online. After the initial keywords research using Google AdWords planner or any of those private tools, I’d start digging into the seed keywords.

Next, I’ll hang around my target audience. I’ll listen to their questions, extract the most commonly asked questions and write them down. I’ll check out Quora.com to see more questions in my niche, what people are looking to solve.

Keywords Research

There are experts there also who have the skills, knowledge and experience to answer those questions. So in reality, the questions from my audience and the answers from those experts are my ‘best ranking keywords.’

How long does it take?

Well, the traditional keywords research may faster, but my tactics works well, will produce better results and it’s a long term strategy for building authority website. Over the years, I’ve repeatedly ranked my content and highly searched keywords in Google first page.

Achieving the #1 position isn’t my priority – because there are other factors that can determine the number of clicks you generate if your content page appears at #1. Factors such as titles, description, Google authorship and call to action signals could be more vital than the number one position.

Keywords Research

As usual, I’d like to know what you think about this post. Do you’ve any other strategy for researching keywords that’s worked for you?

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Keywords Research

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Keywords Research

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