Top 3 Surefire Methods To Drive High Quality Traffic

Here's the harsh truth: drive high quality traffic

You can’t get everyone onto your website, but you can get the “right” people to listen, read and buy your products online. Sounds better, huh?

When you want to build and grow your internet home business, you’ve to focus 20% of your time driving high quality traffic. Because that is the only way to take your own fair share of the 80% profit from your business.

Over the years, I’ve nailed down the best traffic sources that really work. As an online entrepreneur, you’ve to know that trillions of dollars are flying on the wings of the internet.

When people interact online, money is usually the medium by which they express their deepest thoughts and answers to the frequently asked questions. Every internet marketer is a solution to his/her audience. You’ve been sent to represent your family and bring back the rich dividends (money, influence, assets, platform et al).

This introductory part of driving high quality traffic is just to let you know the importance of starting a business that truly caters for your target audience.

drive high quality traffic

You must be in business to help others. When that becomes the pivot of your life, and business, earning $1000, $5000, $10000 and up to $100,000 monthly is very possible. A lot of people have done that – I’ve been doing that for the past 4 years and I want to show you how to get that right/hot traffic – in just 3 surefire ways:

Engaged social media fans

Did you know that having people engaged on Facebook and Twitter can result in the influx of targeted traffic to your website? Most people I know use this method to build their own internet home business and I recommend it if you do have the high quality traffic

Yes, it takes eons of time to nail down social media fans because these people have a stylish thinking pattern. Aha, so true.

They actually signed up with Twitter and Facebook to connect with others: friends and family members. If you come to them pushing sales and telling them to ‘buy now,’ you’ve already failed in persuading them. The trust they’ve for you would be lost and regaining it will be a daunting task.

The good news is that once you gain the trust and like of your fans on these high-profile social networks, you can bring them back to your website, sell and make a lot of money in the process. Why? It’s because engaged social media fans are reliable and they can stake their lives on YOU.

Loyal blog readers

Right now, I’m starting to experience the joy of blogging. I’ve been an affiliate marketer and traffic expert for close to a decade now, but haven’t considered that a simple blog can be this powerful. Loyal blog readers can make your internet marketing journey blissful.

drive high quality traffic

They can sponsor your event, attend your webinars, buy your product, participate in your contests, comment on your blog posts, share and cite your valuable content and even tell others about you.

This is awesome!

But what does it take to make your readers loyal to you? That’s a simple question.

Just be yourself. Identify their struggles and see to it that you proffer a lasting solution.

Take note, your readers are not expecting you to solve all their business and life problems. All they want is that you address one of their challenges that encompass the others. In other words, if you could help clear the stumps off their way, you’d gain authority over them in a positive way.

I think you should invest adequate time to attend to your readers’ questions. Or better yet, ask them what they’re struggling with – then provide answers via indepth posts, videos, podcasts, applications, software, reports, webinars etc.

Niche-focused AdNetworks

Another strategic way to drive targeted traffic to your website is through niche-focused AdNetworks. I know that many online entrepreneurs have not been using it, which is why I’m bringing it to your knowledge.

Here’s what you may not know yet: there are thousands of high quality and authoritative websites/blogs in your niche that are ready to send you free traffic? It may cost you money but every penny you invest will pay for itself a bountiful times.
Let’s say your niche is small business.

You just got a new wordpress blog set up, and few quality content added as well. Now you need targeted traffic (people) to read and follow you continually. You want to build a tribe.

To kick start the process of gaining traffic, you’ve to contact other websites in your niche by doing a quick search in Google (your keyword + blog). You’ll get a lot of results. What you should do is to click, visit, study the site and contact the author/founder. Or simply look for a quick “Advertise” link at the footer or around the website.

The traffic you generate from the same niche sites as yours are usually of high quality and they’re termed “AdNetwork Traffic.” You may want to try it out and see for yourself. And finally…

Solo Ads “done for you” Traffic

I don’t have much to say concerning Solo Ads traffic, but get this point across: It’s the best form of traffic you’ll never regret. In fact, virtually all the super affiliates and successful home business entrepreneurs use it.

drive high quality traffic

How on earth do you think a person who just launched his product barely 48 hours ago would make up to $50,000 worth of sales, even without writing a single review about it?

But I must warn you. Even though solo ad traffic is the best source of targeted traffic so far, many people are out to exploit you. Don’t frown at it. It’s the truth.

Before you listen to any acclaimed expert, you’ve to see proofs, read testimonials from real customers and as much as you can, and get some training or free traffic getting consultation first before investing on it.

drive high quality traffic

If I’ve convinced you to try Solo Ads ‘done for you traffic’, then I recommend Okay, I founded the company, and I’ve an amazing customer support you can trust.

Thank you for reading this post and hopefully, you’ll no longer struggle to generate the right buying traffic to your website. Do leave a comment below and see you at the top!