Dubli Network Review – (What You Must Know Before Joining)

So you've been on Google searching for a real Dubli Review and now you're here. Congratulations because inside of this blog post you will learn a lot about Dubli and this system.

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A lot of people are online asking Is Dubli A Scam?

This review is coming from experience as I’ve now helped thousands of people from around the world. I’m going to give you the full run down of what you need to know… and then you can make your own judgment call because at the end of the day, it's your decision to make.

In this blog article, I am going to be talking about the overall concept of the Dubli business and the real flaw that I see with people marketing it!

I am not affiliated with Dubli in anyway so don't be alarmed with links to sell you into buying a package, no instead this Dubli Review is raw and uncut.

What Is Dubli Network?

This company was founded in 2003 by a very successful billionaire Michael Hansen. In the beginning, the company was mostly focused in Europe but it was only until 2008 it came to the United States. It's been a underground company in the internet marketing space for a reason.

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The company became a very popular concept a few years ago and still is today in the auction niche. There have been tons of MLM companies launching using this reverse auction method. It's a pretty interesting concept once you grasp it.

If you don’t understand, think of it like “QUIBIDS”. You buy bids and place them on auctions with items for sale on the online store. This is where you will see people getting iPads for $50.00 and many other expensive items because Dubli made thousands from selling the bids. A bid usually bumps up the price by 10 cents or more depending on the bid.

But in 2014 is when everything changed for the Dubli Network as they changed their focus completely and got out of the reverse auction business and solely focusing on cashback deals instead.

How Can I Make Money With Dubli?

Ok so here is how you can make money with dubli. There are two ways.

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The first involves using other reps in the company or having customers visit a replicated site coded to the affiliate to use the Dubli auction system, or to shop using Dubli's online website.

And of course the second way of making money from Dubli is through building a network of dedicated and hard working sales associates. This is a more lucrative way of earning from Dubli, but it is more difficult also so keep this in mind.

The compensation plan for associates normally depends on the license agreement that you purchase in order to become a sales associate so look into this before you make any decisions with Dubli.

How Much Does Dubli Cost?

Dubli refers to affiliates as Business Associates. Here's how to become a BA. You  simply purchase a Dubli Network Business Package you pay $99 once. In addition, you can purchase the following upgrades as you choose:

  • VIP memberships for prospects ($495)
  • Team Leader ($2475)
  • Platinum Team Leader ($6000)
  • Elite Team Leader ($12,000)

How Does Dubli Work?

Let's now dig into how does it work because when Dubli first came into the North American market, it struggled to grab attention. However, it has recently invited top leaders from the internet and network marketing world to join them to launch this business in the USA and this is why we are now seeing a lot more from this network.

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The new business model for Dubli now is based on the multi-billion dollar online shopping industry which is proven to work long term. Once you are a customer of Dubli, you can download a free toolbar that allows you to go onto the internet and search on Google for stuff you want to buy.

The toolbar that you download will let you know how much cashback you can get if you decide to buy on that particular website at that time of your purchase.

For example, you can get cashback deals on retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Apple, Sony and much more other stores also.

There are also three different levels you can join in the Dubli Network and depending on which one you get will depend on the amount of cashback you get.

This should clear up a lot of the technical stuff with Dubli.

How Can I Get More Traffic?

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