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shaqimpicFrom: The Desk Of Shaqir Hussyin

Dear Marketer,

In the next 2 minutes I’m going to show you how to get 100-1000 high converting leads a day into your business, without lifting a finger.

All by using done for you Solo Ads that are proven to convert by literally hundreds of people.

I realize these are some bold claims, and it's okay to be sceptical, because the truth is I was sceptical at first too.

But that was before I used this traffic to earn millions of dollars online:

The BIG Traffic Secret...

The funny thing is, I just send this traffic to the same offers everyone else is promoting.

I discovered that anyone can create these kind of results, when they have access to the right traffic.

Instant Commission Surges...

Waking up to commissions every day is easy when you have the right traffic.

When I started using this, my inbox changed from affiliate spam promoting every new hot deal to consistent, surges of commission notifications:

Some marketers will tell you the secret is about the sales funnel or using the right follow-up strategy.

But they're the same marketers who struggle to make six figures, while I make over $1 million dollars every 100 days.

When you have access to the right traffic at the right prices, it doesn't matter how good your marketing is. If you send the traffic to a sales page, you make sales.

It Wasn't Always Sunshine And Roses

A couple of years ago I was like everyone else; struggling.

Working on a dirty construction site, building my business from an old refurbished laptop I found on eBay:

No matter what I did, I couldn't make any sales. I'd save up money from my dead-end job to spend on expensive advertising campaigns. But nothing worked.

Then I discovered it. The real secrets of top earners were consistent marketing, and a high quality traffic source.

I spent months working my way into the most exclusive inner circles of the traffic industry. When I got on the inside, everything changed.

I started dominating leaderboards, and waking up to thousands of dollars in commissions.

Now I get paid to travel around the world, teaching my traffic secrets to thousands of people:


I'm not showing you this to impress you, I'm simply trying to impress upon you what's really possible when you have access to the right traffic.

A few short years ago I was struggling to get traffic. There really is nothing worse than having great products to promote, and not being able to make any sales.

I Decided To Give Everyone Access

I was sick and tired of getting results, and seeing so many fail or waste thousands of dollars on useless traffic.

I decided to give everyone access to my traffic, and called it Solo Ads Agency.

The only traffic agency in the world, that's proven to make millions of dollars in the biggest home business programs.

The testimonials quickly started pouring in:


Industry leaders now come to us to buy their traffic:


Why We Are The Best

Unlike other 'fly by the night' vendors; we methodically test every single traffic source to ensure you’re getting the highest converting, most premium traffic to grow your business to the next level.

Over the past 6+ years, I've travelled around the globe, building relationships with some of the world’s leading traffic providers who you’ve never heard of.

I've spent over $150,000 just to develop these KEY Relationships, and every source is tested on my own funnels. They are proven, by millions of dollars in commissions in the top home business companies.

5 Reasons You'll Never
Need Another Traffic Source

  • Scalability - Having delivered 2 million clicks in a month we can handle any size orders while maintaining quality.
  • Exclusive Publishers - We have exclusive relationships with publishers leaving us in control how often any offer sees the list. This ensures no Saturation for any offer.
  • Free real time tracking - Tired of Click dependencies?  Our in house tracking system makes sure all orders are fully completed.
  • Battle Tested Traffic - We put all publishers through a rigorous testing period to make sure quality is not only there to start, but over time.
  • The Freshest Data -  Our publishers add thousands of  new subscribers daily, so you'll always have fresh eyes seeing your offers.

Without This, What Will You Do?

Without Solo Ads Agency, you'll be left to setup expensive PPC campaigns and gamble every time you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on unproven traffic vendors.

Solo Ads Agency has been proven by hundreds, and is my real unfair advantage. For an extremely limited time, I'm opening the doors. All you have to do is fill out the form below, speak to a coach and choose the traffic quantity that's right for you. Fill out the form below, click the button and get started.


Our coaches will talk to you over the course of your free 'Traffic Kickstarter Session', and help you choose the right traffic package. We'll take the link of what you want to promote, and handle everything. You just sit back, relax and watch our powerful traffic start rolling in.

In your short free 1:1 consultation, we'll cover a few things:

  • Free Strategic Marketing & Funnel Overview "Health Check"
  • 5 Dangerous Mistakes Most People Make When Buying Traffic
  • How To Profit-Fast And Get Yourself Into Positive Ca$hflow
  • How To Maximise Your Leads Even If They Don't Buy From YOU!
  • 10 Mins Q&A Hotseat To Make Sure You Don't Get Left Behind

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