Case Study: How a Free Powerful WordPress Plugin Increased My Sales

Do you use WordPress like me? If you do, you know by now that having the right plugins installed on your WordPress website is essential to automate certain jobs.

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Increasing sales and conversion rates are what you really want to focus on because just increasing your conversion 10% will have a massive boost in your sales and commissions.

We're also on the look-out for a new, awesome plugins that can improve our WordPress websites and help the user have a better experience while on our website and in our world.

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Lately we've been really busy building a multi-million dollar company, working with clients, creating new content and service the community in such a large way that it makes all that sound like an understatement.
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And because of that, I’ve been unable to share this case study with you until now. It’s a short but insightful experiment because no one in his right senses would think of increasing sales with a tiny wordpress plugin. But I did!

Here’s what really happened. You know that as affiliate marketers, we’re always on the lookout for the best plugins.

Most of the time, the search for that pretty tool can consume the whole of your time, and make it extremely difficult to attend to other goals you set for yourself.

The problem with getting more traffic?

Most affiliate marketers think their problem is not getting enough traffic. The truth of the matter is that if you know what you’re doing, few targeted traffic could generate 5 – 6 figure income for you. I’ve proofs that back it up.

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I know a guy, whose niche website was set up in February, 2014 and as I write this post, he’s pulling in $600 – $1000 per month. This is passive income because he no longer updates or builds links to the site. But this particular niche site is profitable –since March.

The problem with more traffic is that you get busier by the day trying to get more visitors to your website who may not necessarily need what you’ve to offer. This could be the worst marketing nightmares for any affiliate marketer.

What I recommend to my students is this: search and discover the right traffic sources. Then do all you can to drive at least 100 of these high quality traffic to your website. You may not need all the traffic in the world to succeed at affiliate marketing, but fewer targeted visitors can be much more profitable for you.

After struggling for a while to drive more targeted traffic to my My Top Tier Business, and get more sales I finally discovered this:

Thirsty affiliates wordpress plugin

That’s a funny name. To me, it means that your prospects would become thirsty for your links and gladly click them. At the time, I lost a lot of my affiliate commissions because I wasn’t masking my affiliate links using the 301 redirection technology.

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But with the thirsty affiliates WordPress plugin, a free tool, I was able to protect my commissions, added a ‘no follow’ attribute to those affiliate links in order not to pass SEO juice to them and incur Google penalty. That could happen.
With this special plugin for affiliate marketing, I was also able to shorten/cloak my affiliate links.

And as you administer your affiliate links, you’ve the option of placing the cloaked links on your posts and pages. The links would look pretty and desirable to your target audience and readers to click. I thought this was all you ever wanted?

I also used images and beautiful graphics as an alternative for masking my affiliate links. When I did that, I immediately saw a bump on my affiliate income without any additional traffic or promotion to my site.

WordPress Plugin

If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you need to use this plugin. I’m recommending it because it’s been helpful for my cloaking needs.

It uses the wordpress approved storage techniques. With this, it doesn’t bloat out your database with extra tables and there is a full backup compatibility that’s available via the WordPress backup solutions.

I got More clicks and that = more sales

All things being equal, more clicks on your affiliate links would lead to more sales for you. That’s why you need to cloak your affiliate links which 95% of the time, looks scary and longer than the normal website link.

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Your blog readers and email subscribers have a life of their own. They may be struggling to make money also, and wouldn’t want to find out you’re earning off them. Of course, there is nothing wrong with recommending a helpful product to your target audience – but inasmuch as you do that, be professional and put yourself in their shoes.

Would you gladly click a link that looks “broken and long” or a “short and memorable” one?

Concluding thoughts

If you haven’t downloaded the “thirstyaffiliates” plugin for your affiliate marketing needs, I think you should do that now.

Once you get all of your affiliate links ready, setup and working, the next step is to start generating boat loads of email list subscribers. You can do this easily by simply working with Solo Ads Agency as your traffic source.

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To help you even further with getting more traffic, I created a 7 step cheatsheet to getting solo ads that convert, you can download this cheatsheet for free below and start flooding your websites with server crashing amounts of highly targeted visitors who want your stuff.

A lot of marketers have the formula mixed up and they are so focused on non-income producing activities which leads to struggle and frustration. Learn from a team who has success in this industry, a team like Solo Ads Agency who have coaches on board to work with you and your campaigns.

The coaches at Solo Ads Agency are very educated and experienced in the field of getting traffic, leads and sales for online business's. You bet they can help you with your projects too!

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