High Traffic Academy Review – (Is HTA The Real Deal?)

The biggest buzz online now a days is this “High Traffic Academy” system that has everyone raving and in this article we will reveal the truth behind this system.

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So who's the creator of this elite program? World-renowned internet marketer Vick Strizheus, yes he has done it again with High Traffic Academy 2.0 and it's a pretty big thing. After the phenomenal success of the original High Traffic Academy, a lot of people have been eagerly expecting the release of HTA 2.0 for a very long time and now it's here!

I wanted to take the time to talk truth about this Total Domination Engineering training series and answer all of your questions about this upcoming HTA 2 Elite Livecast inside of this blog post for you.

How is it different than the original version of HTA 1? Who exactly is Vick Strizheus and how can help you get more traffic? What can you get for your online business with this program?

What Is High Traffic Academy?

High Traffic Academy is a internet marketing type program and membership site. You get to learn all of the secret juicy details about driving boat loads of traffic of online website visitors. If you're looking to boost your business wether online or offline, this program will teach you how.


The creator of this program has been a master at traffic generation for years and is now teaching back all of the well guarded secrets from the best of the best.

Here is what you can expect on the surface level of HTA 2.0 without mentioning the full courses inside:

  • Fastest List Building Protocol EVER: in as little as 24 hours, learn how to start building a responsive list from scratch!
  • New 8 Step *Advanced & Stealthy* Traffic Formula: the secrets of the trade to open up the floodgate of sales in under 48 hours
  • Top 3 Secret Sources For a ‘Traffic Avalanche’: learn how he generated over 400,000 unique visitors in a day like clockwork
  • How To Boost ‘Insane Email Conversions’: witness the key to getting upwards of 80% email open rates effortlessly!

Learn how to drive massive traffic and convert all of the traffic into leads and sales. Converting your traffic into sales is essential to grow your business.

Vick calls himself the “King of Online Traffic” – but more importantly, amongst respected peer groups and personalities within the same space, agree Vick is the real deal when it comes to creating high-quality targeted traffic and conversions campaigns using online marketing techniques that very few if any use at all. He truly is a master at his craft. This is someone you want to learn from.

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Vick calls increasing website traffic generation an art and sees himself as an artist. As you’ll learn below, he’s made a lot of money in the industry and it hasn’t always been easy but through sheer testing, consistency and determination, has made this one of the biggest and best traffic platforms for entrepreneurs, business owners, internet marketers and many others.

What Are The High Traffic Academy Products?

Offline Goldmine Traffic:
In this module, Vick teaches how you can get infront of millions of people per week with one simple phone call. This is an offline hidden traffic method. You must learn this!

The Penny Traffic Method:
How to get highly targeted visitors to your website for pennies, this is one of the cheapest ways to get good traffic and Vick shows you how to this effectively. This is very special!

The Underground PPC Traffic:
Another good cheap source of traffic using PPC, you may already have used any PPC network before to get traffic, but as i said before if you don’t know what you are doing, you’ve probably burned alot of money with low or no results. In this module Vick goes through some of the top PPC networks ans how you how to do PPC right. Very powerful training!

The Secret GIA TrafficSecret:
If you love Google, then this is for you. GIA stands for Google image ads, in this method Vick teaches you one cool secret inorder to make Google to be our affiliate and pay them pennies for traffic. Cool module. Learn this and more!

E-mail Media Traffic:
This is one of the easiest methods to drive highly targeted traffic to your website, Vick shows you how to leverage other people’s lists to get instant traffic anytime you want. You may know already about solo ads and email marketing but in this method Vick takes it even further and show you how to mine for gold lists and do it effectively to get better results for your money.

Banner media traffic:
Another easy and fast way to get instant traffic without too much work, Banner ads are effective way to promote your website or business but you need to know how to do banner ads right, otherwise you will through alot of money. In this module Vick covers the method from offer selection, banner creation, banner distribution and how to find the right places to place your banners for low price.

Ad Swap Traffic:
All about How to do ad swaps effectively to get good fast traffic for a very low price. Vick shows the whole process, getting started, creating your account, finding swap partners and booking solos the easy way.

CPA Backdoor Traffic:
In this module Vick shows you how you can master CPA networks and build your list very fast, he shows you some advanced secrets to help you tap into CPA network to command not only traffic but leads and sales. Many people are making alot of money online with CPA networks. No matter if you are an affiliate or vendor, if you learn how to do CPA effectively you will be able to scale up your business for massive profits.

And there is still so much more inside of HTA that we are not mentioning here.

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How Much Does High Traffic Academy Cost?

$450 one-time fee for basic membership.
$300/month for Elite Membership.

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How To Get More Traffic?

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