An Unbiased Instapage Review (Is it all it’s cracked up to be?)

Are you looking to build high converting webpages, landing pages, sales funnels and more? Start creating lead magnets and webinar funnels with ease and generate more commissions from your custom pages you make using Instapage and launch them on the internet.


In the past when creating squeeze pages and landing pages, it was a challenge for newbies because it required experience with website development, coding and design. Thankfully the times have changed and newbies, and advanced marketers can benefit from using internet marketing tools like Instapage, ClickFunnels and LeadPages. These tools have helped marketers to lift the old barriers and easily create new landing pages with ease.

Instapage is a powerful webpage developer and inside of this review we will uncover how it can help you and your business this year.

Let's help you to upgrade your internet marketing game and introduce to the world of high conversion rates, boatload of fresh email subscribers and sales conversions. The right tools like Instapage can be the most helpful resources to help you create massive success. Split testing is also integrated with these landing page builders to track all of your traffic and optimize conversions.

Now let’s get started!

What Is Instapage?

Instapage is a new landing page creator that allows you to make a lot more than just landing pages.


Check out the list below of some of the capabilities:

  • Optin/Squeeze pages
  • Sales pages
  • Webinar sign-up pages
  • Mobile App download pages
  • Facebook landing pages (easily create a tab on a Facebook page)
  • Thank you pages
  • Small business websites

This website builder was developed with one main goal in mind – enable anyone who needs to create high converting webpages to grow their business using the internet. Instapage comes with pre-made template and built-in features to help you develop outstanding landing pages of all kinds.

Start attracting new leads, subscribers and customers with high converting sales funnels made with Instapage for your business.

How Can Instapage Help You?

Some of us marketers have used nearly every landing page builder on the marketplace and they all have their extra benefits, features and goodies. Some offer free trials and it's in your best interest to take their free trial, test it and see how the landing page builder performs for you.


Being able to fully customize any page you want to create is very powerful because now you can get your own ideas out onto the webpage in record time.

Instapage is drag and drop simple, making it easy for newbies and advanced marketers to enjoy the powerful website building platform. They just released a great new feature, the Instapage Template Importer, which can transform any landing page URL into a perfectly mirrored template.

For companies who want fast performance and reliability, Instapage is the platform you want to look into for your landing pages and funnels of all kinds.

The ease of use when it comes to customizing any page using the visual editor is a big plus.

Tracking your analytical stats like conversion rates is essential to have at hand which Instapage delivers.

How Much Is It?

You can get started using Instapage for the basic plan at $29 per month and it comes with with unlimited webpage visits and domain name integrations but the basic plan doesn't come with the advanced features like importing templates, html editing, web hook integrations and client accounts.

Do You Need Instapage Or Not?

This is the ultimate question. Do you continue to use the old school broken methods of coding your websites with plugins and old methods – or simply switch to the new landing page builder Instapage to start creating brand new custom sales funnels and unlimited pages with ease.


There is a number of other landing page builders on the market, do your research and find out which one is the best for your needs and for your budget.

Each one of these landing page builders has their own features and benefits unique from the others.

Getting one of the landing page builders will help to excel you above the rest of all the other marketers in the industry because majority are still using old websites with broken code that is not mobile friendly.

How To Get More Traffic?

Once you got your landing pages, sales funnels or any other type of funnel ready to make money, then it's time to start getting traffic.

You want high quality top tier 1% email traffic that is proven to convert for others in the industry. Not all traffic sources provide the same quality of traffic, and this is why you must work with a trusted agency to provide you with all of the traffic that you can afford to buy.

Email solo ads have been a secret key for the top earning marketers in the industry since 2009 and Solo Ads Agency has been their go-to source for quality traffic.

We have coaches on board ready to help you get more traffic to your website starting tonight using our proven email solo ad service.

solo ads agency

To help you even further, I created a 7 step cheatsheet to getting solo ads that convert and you can download it below for free.

Solo ad traffic can help you to test your conversion rates on your sales funnel, and also scale your commissions very fast once you have a proven sales funnel that converts.

Scaling up your traffic means sending as much high quality targeted traffic as possible into your sales funnel to generate sales and commissions on the other end of the funnel.

Stay far away from low quality traffic sources that promise a huge amount of clicks for very cheap prices, because generally they are sending fake clicks. You must have real people with real eyeballs on your websites everyday to ensure that you are making commissions.

Solo Ads Agency provides you with proven, tested high converting email traffic that you can use to build your online business, affiliate business or marketing business.

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