The Ultimate LeadPages Review For Online Marketers

Are you looking to generate more leads for your business? Create high converting landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages and much more? How about grow your email list with fresh new email subscribers who sign up from your squeeze pages?


Inside of this review we will cover the powerful LeadPages platform and how it can help you with all of the above, and then some. These website building platforms are quickly becoming the go to tool for building reliable and high converting sales funnels with your internet marketing efforts.

Making sure that you have high converting landing pages is essential for your business's growth and to generate more leads from your traffic than you used to believe was possible. Let's dive into this juicy review for LeadPages and find out what's so special about this one.

LeadPages is truly one awesome solution for internet marketers looking to get up and running on generating leads for their business fast. Once you sign up everything is super fast and simple. All of the themes in the back office are tested and optimized for the highest conversion rate possible.

What Is LeadPages?

In a nutshell, LeadPages has become one of the industries leader in lead generation online because of the numerous amounts of website template and page templates pre-built and ready to plug into.

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This is a simple drag and drop website builder that is 100% web based, and easy to use. You can create almost unlimited amounts of landing pages for any offer you are promoting or service you are selling.

  • Create a landing page for your webinars, books, courses and other products
  • Set up email sign-up forms that help you grow your list faster
  • Deliver ethical bribes that convert new website visitors into leads or customers
  • The main selling point of LeadPages is its ease of use
  • Connect with all of the major integrations for email marketing use
  • Get webpages on the internet in just a few minute with a click on your mouse

LeadPages connects and integrates with all of the major email marketing solutions, wordpress and html also so you have a wide variety of different ways to utilize your landing pages made using LeadPages.

Now you can lay down your new ideas fast using LeadPages to build your webpages and have them live on the internet in just minutes from now. Drive traffic to your custom webpages made using LeadPages and watch the conversions generate and money roll in from sales.

LeadPages also has a marketplace allowing you to buy new templates at anytime to help you with any job or project you are currently working on for yourself or for a client.

How Much Is LeadPages?

LeadPages offers monthly payment plans or a yearly fee. Starting at only $37 per month for the most basic account and up to $$297 for a yearly annual fee. Which ever price point you can afford, go for it. LeadPages also offers a discount for the yearly fee, so you can claim that also.


When it comes to running a successful business, the price of tools should not be your main focus. It's better to make sure that the return on your investment is worth the price of the tool and more.

Now at the pro level, the things you get over the standard plan is that you get access to Leadlinks, you can export the HTML file, you get the split testing feature, and you get access to their affiliate program.

Thankfully they have a few different plans and options for you to choose from to suit your needs best.

How Can LeadPages Help You?

Before purchasing a platform like LeadPages, you want to make sure that you will put it to use and get your monies worth and start increasing your business, leads and sales.


Here is a few ways that LeadPages can help you:

  • Super quick and simple to use
  • Easily integrates with your autoresponder(s) and Webinar solutions
  • FAST customer support
  • Very short and helpful video tutorials
  • Cloud-based (nothing to download or install)
  • Very fast loading times
  • Lots of neat WordPress features like LeadBoxes and the ability to redirect 404 traffic to a
  • LeadPage
  • Allows Unlimited traffic and LeadPages
  • Get your webpages on the internet super fast

How To Get More Traffic?

So now that you got your hands on a platform like LeadPages to build out your landing pages, sales funnels and so much more. The only thing missing is the key ingredient, high quality traffic!

Just having high converting pages is no good if there is no one who gets to experience your sales funnel and purchase what you are offering.

Without traffic, you got no business, maybe you got a system, but no one will be using it. Pointless!

Solo Ads Agency is your go to agency to help you start generating boat loads of high quality email leads into your email list for your business. We have coaches on board to work with you to help find a package to fit your budget and your traffic needs.

solo ads agency

To help you even further, I put together a free 7 step cheatsheet to getting solo ads that convert, and you can download it for free below.

Email solo ads have been proven over the years to be on of the key secrets behind the top earners in the online marketing industry when generating money and sales with almost any offer.

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But you don't just want any email solo ad traffic, because there is a lot of sources on the internet you must stay away from. The 7 step cheatsheet I made for you will help you greatly to keep you in the right direction and working with the right agency only.

You can use Solo Ads Agency to send high quality top tier 1% traffic to your high converting pages you make using LeadPages and start building your successful business. You need both of these to ensure your success over the long term and not just for the short term.