6 Huge Lies That Stops You From Making Enough Money On The Internet

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”   making money on the internet

― Mark Twain

When it comes to making a living on the internet, you have to be very careful of who you listen to.

You already know that more than 160,000 blogs are hosted on a daily basis and as it is now – every site owner has something to say no matter how awful.

All you need to become the best in your niche and earn more is to know the truth. But more than that, identify the lies that may be holding you bound first, for that’s the only way to take charge of your income.

No matter how long you’ve held on to these lies, it’s time to trash them. And the earlier you start embracing the truth, the better for you and your family. So let’s get started. Shall we?

1.   Selling is boring

This is a BIG lie. When an expert tells you that selling is boring, he’s indirectly telling you to try one of his/her product. In other words, he wants to capitalize on your ignorance because now you’ve been fed with fear that you’re not going to succeed at selling.

making money on the internet

But the truth is that selling isn’t boring. It all depends on your skills and how persuasive you are.

You can’t tell Brian Tracy that selling is boring because he’s sold over 10 million copies of his book, Goals. Embrace selling for that is the #1 skill that guarantees your success online.

2.   You need to be everywhere

There is this idealogy in the blogosphere right now. It says you should be everywhere. In other words, you should spread your message to reach the widest audience as much as possible.

making money on the internet

Here’s why I don’t buy into this: being everywhere is not the key to making a living online or selling your product effectively. The best strategy is to reach the right audience where they gather. Fewer but targeted prospects.

For instance, if you can reach 1000+ people via email who are interested in your product, isn’t it better than reaching 1 million people via news portals who doesn’t care about you or your offer?

Be at the right place and get your message across. You don’t need to be everywhere and thinking you should will discourage your marketing efforts. Because you may not succeed no matter how much effort you put into it.

3.   You must buy traffic

This may be a lie. And it might be holding you from moving forward in your online business. See, you may not buy traffic before you can make money online.

The only beauty of buying traffic and why I recommend Solo Ads Agency is because it can help set you on course. Solo Ads “done for you traffic” is instant, reliable and measurable.

making money on the internet

However, if you’ve the time to do it yourself, I’d recommend writing articles, blogging and social media sharing. Yes, it can get you traffic but it’s slower and time consuming. If you need a much better traffic strategy, use Solo Ads Traffic.

Using it is at your own discretion. But all I can tell you is that it works so well and we’ve received a lot of success stories in the past few months.

4.   Content is king

Is content really King?

I can’t tell who postulated this phrase, but I’ve come to understand that Content isn’t king.

Of course, Google and your target audience are hungry for quality content. They want to solve their problems. Content will help build your credibility and enhance your brand online.

making money on the internet

But no matter how viable and helpful your content is, if the right audience fails to read it, you’ve wasted your precious time. The solution to all of this is to plan your content marketing first before sitting down to write.

Marketing to me is King. This is my opinion. I believe that if you can promote one single valuable posts/affiliate offer to thousands of people who needs it, you’d make more money than someone who spends all his time writing posts that no one reads.

5.   Solo Ads traffic doesn’t convert

In the past, this has been the notion from affiliate marketers and info marketers. Certainly, any kind of Solo Ads traffic will not convert for you.

For instance, if you send email to a bunch of people who have never heard anything about “making money online,” then you may be wasting time and money.

making money on the internet

Sure, you may get a lot of traffic to your offer/website, but the conversion rate (sales) will be poor. Because you didn’t plan your Solo Ads campaign from the very beginning.

But the reverse is the case for Solo Ads right now. And when you use experts who know their onions, your message will only get to those who requested for it and that can result in hundreds of sales and income for you.

6.   You may build a list

This is a no-brainer. Having an email list is considered one of the profitable activities you can engage in. Over the years, I’ve read blogs where SEOs advise their readers to stay away from building a list until they’re ready to cater for them.

“Don’t build a list now. Make some bucks first, then start collecting email leads later.”

This is a bad advice and if you’re reading this now, don’t believe that. Here’s the truth:

making money on the internet

You MUST build an email list. Because if you’re not doing so, you’re not building a real business whether online or offline.

Yes, it’s as serious as that. Most experts use JVs to build their list, while others prefer Solo Ads “done for you traffic” that adds 1000+ active and loyal subscribers to their list on a weekly basis. Which do you prefer?

Marketing takeaway

Many a time you forget the very factor that determines the success of your online business. It’s not the right product. And definitely not a fancy website. So what is it? It’s TRAFFIC.

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