My Fail-Proof Secret For Making Real Money Via My Email List

Four years ago, I cracked the money making code. making money via email

What code is it? Well, it’s no BIG secret now, but when I discovered the power of it I kept wondering why a lot of people haven’t been using it.

Having an email list of loyal and active subscribers is a proof that your internet home business will stand the test of time.

It doesn’t matter what comes against you, once you can master this craft, your email list would literally spill out money for you like a broken automated teller machine.

I’m assuming you already had a loyal list of subscribers. It doesn’t matter how many people you’ve on it right now – what counts is what I’m going to share with you.

It’s one secret that’s changed my business and boosted my income from earning less than $750/month to now earning over $12,000 on a daily basis.

making money via email

Your email list is your #1 resource for making money on the internet. If you neglect it, you may as well go offline and apply for a day job – which is fast disappearing…

Before I unveil the secret…

You’ve to know the key factor that motivated people to opt in to your list. Oftentimes, we forget that our subscribers are actually not robots; but human beings with blood rushing through their veins. They’ve needs just like you and they’re eager to see answers that are easy to follow.

making money via email

Truth be told, nobody wants a complicated step-by-step approach. You’ve got to break complicated processes down and make it simpler, even if it’s not easier.

When someone joins your list, they’re telling you something. Each and every day there is a communication going on.

They may not send you emails or call your phone lines, but nonetheless the message they’re sending to you is so dear to their hearts. Most of your subscribers had subscribed to a handful of other lists as well. The situation they’re in right now is even worse than it was when they just came online.

They’re confused and don’t know what to do next. Worse still, even if they know what to do the zeal to continue until they start getting results is not there. So bear in mind that you’re serving people. You’re their leader and they’re looking up to you to do something they’ve not seen or read from other list owners.

If you’re an internet marketer or a professed guru, it doesn’t really matter at this point. Because it’s never about you and your BIG titles, but what you can help someone achieve. Right about now, I want to unveil the goldmine that’s made me more millions from my list. I hope you’ll take advantage of it as soon as you’re done here. Take it:

Treat every subscriber like a friend

There you go. There is no other way to make real money from your list than to treat your subscribers as though they’re your close friends. Because they’re truly your friends!

making money via email

And since they’re your buddy, you’ve to ask them questions without hoarding any vital information. When someone opts in to your list, welcome them like you would a dear friend who just arrived at the airport and waiting for you to come pick him up.

There should be a to-and-fro communication between the both of you. You catch up with old times, and ask them what they’ve in store for tomorrow. What difficulties are they passing through… and so on.

Friendship is the benchmark for making hoards of cash online via your email list. I’ve been using it for over 3 years since I started building my list. It’s never failed me. It can work for you also.

Friendship yields trust, likeness and believe.

I’m sure you know that people only buy from who they like, trust and believe in? 

Now, it’s quite difficult to have such trust for a stranger who prides him/herself all the time. But for a friend who is humble and willing to support your weaknesses, believing and liking them is just very easy.

When you make your subscribers your friends, they’ll start to perceive you as someone whose vision is more than the money. Because now they see you as an authority; an influence and a force they can reckon with. You become their mentor whether you realize it or not.

making money via email

It’s high time you begin to relate with your list members. You may have been far away from them, only pitching and asking them to buy one product and the other. Don’t be too focused on the monetary aspect of building a list. It’s really funny because when you nurture that friendship, you’re going to earn more money from a single lead than you’d earn from 10+ subscribers who doesn’t care.

The concluding part…

Believe me; I’ve just share one of my secrets for making loads of cash online through my email list.

My subscribers appreciate me, and that has gradually led to trust which motivates them to click my affiliate link and purchase the recommended product. The same thing can happen to you if you stop selling and begin to build friendship. I mean, sell only to your friends…

making money via email

More importantly, when you cultivate this friendship, your loyal subscribers would tell others about you.

This form of marketing is the best form, because such referrals are already presold. You don’t need too much persuasion to turn them into customers because they’ve been tutored and informed by someone they trust.

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