My Advertising Pays Review – (Get Paid To Drive Traffic?)

Are you looking to get more advertising for your business, website or offer? Get more website traffic and have visitors flooding your pages generating subscribers into your email list? This My Advertising Pays Review will help you to not only get a better understanding of MAPS but also to generate more traffic from advertising online.

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There is 1 millionaire that is doing it pretty big scale using the MAPS system, and that is Simon Stepsys who regularly shares his success using this advertising system.

This blog post will break down the nitty gritty details about My Advertising Pays, how you can make money with this and if it's legit or not! Sound good? Great!

What Is My Advertising Pays?

MAPS is a advertising company that allows you to purchase traffic packs, credit packs and advertising packs within their system.

Now, after doing a ton of research on MAPS, I will tell you for sure My Advertising Pays is NOT a scam. Let’s look at this for a second. First if it was a REAL scam, the FTC would have shut this down a long time ago because that's what they have done to other MLMs.

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To boil it down into its simplest terms, My Advertising Pays is an advertising platform that marketers, businesses, entrepreneurs and others can use to get traffic to any website you choose!

MAPs aside, it’s critically-important to understand the fact of if you to make money online – traffic/visitors/people are the essential building blocks of your lock-in-key offers. In a gnarly nutshell, MAP’s allows you to drive traffic to those offers.

The cost of a single “Credit Pack” is $49.99 – it gives you hundreds of visitors to your offer or business opportunity that you choose so make sure to split test different landing pages. On the flip side, these Credit Packs can also be an investment for your business since they pay you 1.5-2% daily (you must click at least 10 ads daily), which turns out to be around $60 after 60 days. According to the official My Advertising Pays website, you can potentially profit a minimum of $10 for each “credit pack” you buy…sound a bit dicey and sketchy?

A lot of bloggers that review opportunities say this is a ponzi scheme, but that's not true because MAPS sells real traffic packs for advertising space on their network that you purchase.

MAPS is the brain child of Mike Deese as he got the idea of creating it from selling on the website eBay. He wanted to build an empire and wanted to show people a legit way of making money online.

It's is a revenue distribution advertising platform that pays you to click on ads all day. There whole thing is you buy a “Traffic Credit” for around $50 and you can earn back $60 from that investment.

Now to be an affiliate with MAPS there is a $20 per month fee to keep your account active. Once you are an active affiliate, you can now earn 10% commissions on the advertising packs from others that you refer to the website. These credit packs range from $20 to $1000+ depending on your budget.

You now have an opportunity to earn a commission from every person you refer to the website to buy traffic. This is not a MLM.

The biggest objection people say about this company is…it’s not sustainable.

After doing some more research I see that My Advertising Pays has grown over 50,000 members. So as long as people are referred into the company, it will keep going and growing.

Make sure to do your own research on MAPS before making any decision.

How Do I Make Money With My Advertising Pays?

The first way to make money with MAPS is called Profit Sharing – If you want to literally guarantee yourself profits all you have to do is buy 1 ad pack and click 10 ads per day and you will continue to make a variable amount based on the overall sales that MAPS makes that day. It's a unique system.

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Now of course, they do recommended to buy as many ad packs as possible because each ad pack that you purchase will turn into $60 over the 60 days. You must click on 10 ads per day and follow the other rules to ensure you are in the guidelines.

Also on top of the  guaranteed income you now have the opportunity to reinvest your returns back into more credit packs that restarts the entire cycle all over again. We recommend testing the system with your ads to see how your offers convert.

The second way that you can make money with MAPS is with Affiliate Commissions – When you buy a credit pack you’ll be able to send traffic right to your business, website, or affiliate link which gives you yet another opportunity to make more commissions from the traffic for maximum reach to generate leads and converting sales.

100% everyone makes money with the profit share and you get paid 10% lifetime on personal referral sales and it’s free to get started.

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What Are The Products?

The products are not really products because they are referred to as “credit packs” of traffic.

Is My Advertising Pays A Scam?

Is it? No. They sell traffic packages. You can track the clicks that you get onto your ads to monitor if its real or not. They have real testimonials of people making money using MAPS traffic with different offers.

How Can I Get More Traffic?

Here at Solo Ads Agency we can help you to generate way more traffic then ever before, fast and easy too. You must be asking, how can you get more traffic?

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The secret that top earners use a lot is Solo Ads, which is email marketing and you connect with certain marketers who have nice big email lists of active subscribers, and they then email their email list your website link, sending all of the traffic over to you and your website.

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To help you even further with getting more traffic, I put together this free 7 Step Cheatsheet To Getting Solo Ads That Convert, and it's a free gift for you to go through right now and study to get results in your business.

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