My Lead System Pro Review – (Is MLSP Still Alive?)

In this blog post we will review one of the network marketing companies called My Lead System Pro ‘MLSP' and uncovering the juicy details behind the scenes. This company has been on the market for a good number of years already so let's see how it has handled the time.solo ads agency

This is one of those companies that you hear about often while in the network marketing and MLM industry because of the lead generating component to MLSP. It attracts all sorts of different affiliates and networkers from many different companies to join.

There are too many biased reviews online about companies like My Lead System Pro that are always trying to get you to buy the new fancy MLM program and they generally focus upon all of the negatives without also showing you the positives.

For you to get the full picture and make a great choice, you need the full un-biased review.

What Is My Lead System Pro?

The well known My Lead System Pro or ‘MLSP' for short is a internet based marketing platform and community to help you grow your business in the areas of blogging, newbie marketing, advanced marketing and much more.

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It's more than just an education platform though, the community within MLSP is real and active.

My lead system pro really teaches you effective marketing strategies to grow your business online and generate leads from the techniques they teach you.

This company was founded in 2008 by Brian Fanale and Norbert Orleicz and Todd Schlomer. They really gear their marketing message towards people in the MLM industry and affiliate marketing who do MLM marketing. The MLSP training is geared towards helping with this industry.

My Lead System Pro is really based on the idea of “Attraction Marketing”. Attraction Marketing is a strategy taught in network marketing, affiliate and mlm to magnetically attract qualified prospects to your website and business who are already interested and seeking a solution to their problems.

Wether you're looking to build your own business or build an MLM business, MLSP can help you to do the job at a much higher level by automating certain parts of the process with lead generation, which is a very critical part to building any business online or offline.

Is MLSP A Scam?

No, MLSP is not a scam. There is a bunch of websites online that are saying all of these internet programs are scams, but they are real programs with value, training and real communities of people. The programs that are actually garbage, never last. So you can see right off the bat if this company has been around for many years, it's legit. There is numerous success stories that came from MLSP over the years that really says a lot of the company.


Let's keep digging further into this review because it's not done here, we still got more juicy details to expose to you before making any decisions.

How Much Does MLSP Cost?

My Lead System Pro has a few different memberships and prices. The basic membership only costs $49.97 a month for the MLSP University.

They also offer the $149.97 a month MLSP Mastery program with additional features for more advanced and experienced marketers looking to take it up a notch.

You can also pay using these options below:

  • 3 Month Option – pay $427.97 every 3 months
  • 6 Month Option – pay $798.72 every 3 months
  • Annual Option – pay $1,499.97 yearly

How Can I Make Money With MLSP?

Ok, here is the big question that everyone always asks and so desperately wants to figure out.

Let's dive into this one.


Making money with MLSP or any affiliate offer requires a large amount of consistent new eyeballs, which we want leads and subscribers to opt into our email list, and they when we build a solid relationship with the leads to then get them into MLSP.

You are provided with unique links that you use in your marketing to promote MLSP to your email list and prospects. If anyone that you send the link to buy anything, this is how you generate commissions.

Commissions are only generated when someone buys. So the key to making this work is getting people to buy your offer. And the more leads you generate everyday, the more people you can send over to MLSP with your unique link to buy it.

The owners at MLSP make it clear that you should purchase the Mastery plan they offer to make really fast progress with your success. We suggest having a budget to get started with this system.

How To Get More Traffic?

Ok so now the big question, how can you get more traffic to your website, affiliate link or offer? Not only more traffic, but high quality, targeted traffic that will convert into sales?

Because not all traffic is created equal. You can go buy traffic for $5 and it will be completely un-targeted traffic that doesn't convert. Or you can invest into high quality sources of traffic and get access to top tier 1% converting traffic.

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Think about the most amount of leads you have gotten in 1 day so far.

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