How To Promote My Top Tier Business And Earn $10,000+ Monthly

Do you want to do things differently?  My-Top-Tier-Business-Review

Do you really want to make money online and join the top league of internet marketers?

And, most importantly, are you one of those who don’t understand what it takes to build a profitable online home business – using affiliate marketing as your model?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then you’ve to look into MTTB and I’ll unveil to you the 3 simple secrets you can use to earn $10k+ per month from it.

My Top Tier Business is a unique one and if you’re still not sure whether or not this business model is for you, then you’ve to read it through right here.

I’m not going to review MTTB here, because already I’ve done that several times before. Instead, I want to share what really works if you want to make some decent income promoting it.

Why you should use a funnel

You know that when you join My Top Tier Business, you’ll basically be promoting high-ticket products of high quality. It’s not like your typical $27 product out there. And for you to truly succeed at it, you need a “funnel.”

In this concept, a funnel is a way of leading prospects down the path and explaining the entire process they need to build a profitable business of their own. In other words, having people sign up through your affiliate link automatically positions you as their leader; the authoritative person to consult, the middleman.

A sales funnel or marketing funnel directs people on what to do first, and how to go about it. When I first joined My Top Tier Business (MTTB), I learned that educating your target audience on what the business is all about can persuade them to try it.

I did by creating free valuable videos and packaged a valuable report which I gave away at no cost to my subscribers. Gradually, people began to get the understanding of what this business model entails and what they needed to start up with.

A ‘can do’ mental attitude

Before I started seeing significant income in my MTTB account, I had to shift my thoughts from fear, laziness and the likes to something different. I developed a “can do” mental attitude.

You’ve got believe in you. It doesn’t take a lot to make money as an affiliate – but a lot of your success would come from your thought patterns. Most people never believe they can make it online; they fail to take the first action no matter how small it may seem. MTTB is an awesome business that’s changed everything about me – mentally and financially.

Now the way I approach any other business is exceptional because of the lessons I learned from MTTB. I trust that no matter what happens, with the right actions and a “can do” thought – I’ll achieve greatness. And I did!

So how do you make the $10k monthly?

If I can earn $10k per day through MTTB, then anyone can achieve that success as well. I’ve struggled in the past to sponsor reps and even tried to build a lucrative home business but could not.

Then I discovered the secret: It’s all about driving the right kind of traffic to your website and affiliate links.
Getting traffic to your affiliate link is easy when you use social media, blogging, commenting as well as word of mouth. However, getting “targeted” traffic is the ultimate way to convert more readers/visitors into buyers.

It’s a lot harder.

With the right traffic which is often targeted to the exact product you’re promoting, you can be assured of consistent sales. Now, let’s quickly do the calculations?

Since MTTB products can earn you up to $1000 per sale, how much targeted traffic would you need to earn $10k?
I think 10 sales are all you need.

This also means that by sending just 50 people who desperately need to build a sustainable internet home business to your affiliate link and a handful of them buys, you’ll have hit your goal?

Isn’t it wonderful?

Interestingly, if you can send 200 – 1000 targeted traffic to your website/affiliate link, gets about 5% conversion rates, you could easily make 15 sales or more. The only problem with generating ready-to-buy traffic online is that it’s EITHER expensive or takes a lot of time.

Pay Per Click advertising and Ad Networks are good sources of targeted traffic, but if you’re new to internet marketing and haven’t made any significant income yet, you may not be able to invest on these traffic channels.

What then is your best alternative?

Solo Ads Traffic. This “done for you” traffic source has the potential of driving 200 – 1000 high quality visitors to your website/affiliate link. And the reason is simple:

“You’ll be sending the URL of your choice to a select group of email subscribers who have asked for marketing emails from the list owner. ”

These people have money to buy your affiliate products. All they need is your attention, your zeal to see them succeed when they eventually invest in your offers.

If you’re willing to solve their problems and walk them by the hands, then you’re qualified for Solo Ads done for you traffic. Right now, apply for a free solo ads consultation.