OptimizePress Review – (Is it the best website builder?)

Is OptimizePress 2 the best website builder on the market?

We reveal the truth inside of this review and we'll see if it stands up to all of the hype from customers on the internet or not.


Are you looking to build websites, landing pages, lead magnets, webinars for your marketing and have them all look stunning on all devices, mobile and pc? A lot of the old website builders are too clunky for our modern devices and internet browsers, which makes it crucial that all of our webpages fit the device.

Have you ever looked into hiring a coder, designer and traffic expert to run the show for you and your business? It's a huge job that not many people are successful at. Which is why there is tools for us to use like OptimizePress that handle a huge portion of the work.

What Can You Create With OptimizePress 2?


All types of landing pages, squeeze pages, lead magnet offers, sales pages, training areas, webinar registration pages, secure membership portals, product launch funnels, authority blogs and more!

OptimizePress comes fully loaded out of the box and it works seamlessly with WordPress as OptimizePress is a plugin for those who don't want to do any type of coding or designing pages.

OP quickly became a leader in the online marketing space with their revolutionary landing page builder.

How Much Does It Cost?


The 3 options you can choose from currently with OptimizePress is the Core Package, Publisher Package and Pro Package. The core package costs $97 one time and is limited to 3 domains only. The publisher package costs $197 and be used on 10 domains. And the pro package costs $297 and can be used on 30 domains. Depending on the projects you will be working on, will depend upon the package that will suit your needs.

All 3 packages come with the 30 pre-made templates for you to plugin and start using, crafting your own pages and building high converting sales funnels.

How Can OptimizePress 2 Help Me?

Most websites online are not optimized and created for conversions. They are generally created for graphics and design. All marketers know now that your websites must be optimized for the highest conversions for email optin, webinar registrations and sales conversions.

OptimizePress can help you to develop stunning webpages, funnels and more for your own business and also for client projects. It's as easy as loading up a pre-made template from the OP template list to ensure you are going to finish with a higher converting page.


Along with the template banks is a graphics pack with buttons of all kinds, badges, arrows, testimonial add-ons and more. This works great for bloggers, website designers, online marketers, affiliate marketers, content creators and basically anyone who wants to market or sell something online

Most importantly, this platform is designed specifically for WordPress websites via installing the theme as a plugin. Very easy to install, setup and get running in no time.

OP 2 currently integrates with:

  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • iContact
  • Emma
  • InfusionSoft
  • GetResponse
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • OfficeAutopilot
  • Ontraport
  • GoToWebinar
  • CampaignMonitor

Advantages Of Using OptimizePress 2?

  • The price makes it affordable for almost anyone who is serious enough to invest around $100 into their website creation
  • The amount of pre-made templates built in makes it super easy to plug right in and get going
  • The community and support team make it great because there is always someone you can reach out to if you got a question or need to find a tutorial video


What's The Big Deal With OptimizePress 2?

The main “cool feature” about OP2 is the Live Editor. This is the main change from OP 1 to 2 as we previously had to use short codes on our pages, now the Live Editor makes it a lot easier to create new pages on the fly with drag and drop ease.

I personally used OptimizePress 1 for about 1 full year, creating websites for myself and for my clients. Later moving over to OptimizePress 2 when it released, but still I feel OP 1 has some strength and quirks that got my liking.


Today in our business we use ClickFunnels, LeadPages and OptimizePress 2 to get the job done, and with the power of having all 3 platforms, we're never out of ideas. It's highly suggested to test out a few of the different platforms to find which one feels best to you, and this is because whichever platform feels best to you, will help you over the long term as you work inside of the platform for long periods of time while working on your projects.

Concluding Thoughts?

There is a bit more of a learning curve when using OptimizePress 2 compared to platforms like ClickFunnels and LeadPages, only because you will also have to learn how to use WordPress at the same time as OptimizePress. Not too much of a big deal, but if you're a newbie, looking for the most simple platform to go with, OP 2 might not be your #1 choice.optimizepress

My personal go to tool for designing websites, sales funnels, landing pages and all the other types of pages, is ClickFunnels because the flexibility it has to create in-depth funnels is nearly un-beatable.

As stated above, make sure that you test out each platform for yourself to see which one fits your needs and helps you to complete your projects faster.

How To Get More Traffic?

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