5 Dangerous Mistakes People Make When Trying To Start and Grow An Internet Home Business

Did you know that starting an internet home business is the best step you can ever take for your life? internet business mistakes

The reason is simple: it’s a simple way to make loads of money online while living the internet lifestyle: travel to beautiful places, spend adequate time with your family and have enough cash in the bank. Sounds like another hype, huh?

Having said that, growing that same business to the point where it starts making money for you is a different ball game. Here’s a quote I like so much:

Making money isn't hard in itself… What's hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one's life to.
― Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The quote literally inspires me each time I read it. Yes, making money isn’t hard and I can attest to that because it’s happening to me right now. But the hard path is devotion: doing what you love even if you’re not paid for it right now.

As you ponder on Zafon’s mind-touching quote, find below the 5 dangerous mistakes people make when trying to start and grow an internet home business.


You’ll also find helpful tips on how to avoid them and become a giant in this thing called “internet marketing.” Are you ready?

1. Lack of focus on what matters

Some people spend 18 hours weekly online, doing what? NOTHING!

You should be familiar with the 80/20 rule (Pareto principle), which states that 80% of outcomes can be attributed to 20% of the causes for a given event. This tells you that working hard is not good enough to build a sustainable online business. But more importantly, you need to work on the right stuffs. That is, working smarter.


Most beginners spend so much time writing articles and tweeting. At the end of the day, they get surprised when their income is $0.00000. What do you think happened?

I think they worked hard but the activities they spent their precious time on were worthless, at least to a large extent.

Here’s what I recommend: When you’re starting out online and trying to build an internet home business, structure your time well in such a manner as to focus more attention in marketing, building your email list and connecting with power influencers online.

This will benefit you more than tweeting to 100+ followers who barely know you or blogging to a scanty audience who doesn’t care about you. What do you think?

2. Not discovering profitable niches

Profitable niches 99% of the time can’t be developed by anyone. Not even by me. Rather, you discover and tap into it with all you’ve got. That was how I discovered and tapped into Solo Ads “done for you traffic” and ever since, it’s been a wonderful experience. I’m telling you the truth…

Take note also that when you discover and choose a niche to build your internet business about, you should be passionate about it. I mean, don’t do what you hate just for the money you’ll make.


I started SoloAdsAgency.com because I love to drive traffic, every aspect of getting leads to a website interests me and I wanted to build authority around it. And this is what determines how much success anyone can get online.

Love what you do, and stick to what you love has always been a mantra for success – it’s powerful enough to transform your financial life.

3. Starting off with a free website host

Except you’re a perfectionist, most 7 figure earners I know have made this mistake in the past before they learned their lessons. If you’re here reading this and wondering what you’re supposed to do, here’s what I think: don’t live to make the same mistake. Avoid free website host like a plague and invest into a reliable and trusted web host.

And when I say web host, I mean you should buy a domain name, and get a hosting account where your website will be stored. So, don’t start with wordpress.com or blogger.com. All those odd extensions like .blogspot.com, .wordpress.com, .webs.com and even .tk etc. must be done away with right now. Your online business doesn’t need it.

When you’re running an internet home business, you’re actually doing a real business – there is no limitation to the height you can get to. You can register your business with your respective government agency and pay taxes as well. So start off on a good note and you’ll be able to generate better and loyal visitors as well as make loads of cash in a short while.

4. Not having a mentor

You can’t do without a mentor. It doesn’t matter where you schooled or how much knowledge you’ve acquired in your chosen field, a mentor is like your guide to help you steer the wheel of your business and even your life.


It’s just like driving a car, you need someone to start off with you and tutor you. After several days or weeks, you can literally drive at a speed that your grandma wouldn’t enjoy. I didn’t get this far in my internet journey without a mentor. Don’t do this internet “thing” without a guide (mentor). It can cause you so much more than money and time.

It could question your very existence in this world. The truth is, the higher you want to climb in your financial life the more zealous you should be prepared to be instructed by someone – higher and more knowledgeable than you are. Go get a mentor and stop whining…

5. Don’t have ‘buying’ traffic

I know that I talk about traffic a lot. But you wouldn’t blame me, would you?

Get it: traffic is the lifeblood of your internet home business. If you don’t have it, you can’t have the money or the influence. Did you know that the most important skill to master as an entrepreneur is traffic generation?


If you know how to get it, you can command the market. I discovered how important ‘done for you traffic’ was back in the day after trying series of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. I failed and I know why. And when this traffic is ready to buy, you’re the BOSS.

The harsh reality is that even if you’re promoting a not-so-good product, if you can drive massive and buying traffic to the offer, you can literally make thousands of money. You may not like what I just said, but it’s the truth. Period!

However, this doesn’t mean you should go out there and create/promote useless products; I’m only using the scenario to explain how vital and powerful driving buying traffic is.

There’s good news now: because Solo Ads “done for you traffic” is one of the best channels for sending spikes of ready-to-buy prospects to any affiliate link/website.

You can take off stronger…

Yes you can. I’ve achieved tremendous success in my internet home business because I took the right steps. I’ve had my own fair share of these mistakes and reaped the rewards. I hated such ugly duckling… moments.

I want your own story to be different. First, you need ‘ready to buy’ hot traffic to your website so you can make money and become an influence in your spheres of living.

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