Steve Job’s Guide to Making Money on the Internet

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Steve Job’s Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Jobs: what an incredible and outspoken entrepreneur he was. Steve Job’s Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Time flies and I still can’t neglect all that late Steve Jobs has done with Apple range of quality products. His business ideals and tactics have been my benchmark since I founded SAA. 

I learnt that quality is what keeps you afloat even in the midst of intense competition and unforeseen circumstances. Jobs have been excessively committed to Apple’s quality and that is what I respect.

I want to share with you some of the footprints you should walk on if you want to make more money on the internet. Actually, this article rides on the wings of Steve’s business quotes which have over the years dominated my thoughts.

When you’re trying your hands on different business models online, you’re bound to make mistakes. But you should never allow mistakes of any kind deter your progress.

You should quickly admit your mistakes and get on improving yourself and business – that is one of Steve Job’s philosophies and you can see how his life and business (Apple products) turned out.

Steve Job’s Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Take a closer read at these incredible quotes and how they relate to your home internet business:

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful … that’s what matters to me.” – Steve Jobs

The quote above is really touching and I’m sure you’re still meditating on it? So how do you imbibe the lessons in this quote and use it to make money on the internet? Well, it’s obvious that Jobs was reassuring himself that having good intentions for your target audience isn’t the best. You’ve got to help them out. Your plans must be practicable. It must be seen, if possible touched.

No one is going to remember or applaud you for having good plans – what matters is the execution. It doesn’t matter whether your plan is BIG or meager as long as it can offer a solution to those who needs it; you’re making impact on people’s lives. And when you make impact like that, you earn money as a dividend.

Oftentimes, when you make a promise to your subscribers, don’t postpone it or apologize for not meeting up. Go ahead and fulfill your promise – then go the extra mile to do more. In other words, over deliver on what you promised. For instance, if you promised to share a free ebook with your blog readers on how they can drive targeted traffic to their websites, that’s fine but don’t stop there.

Steve Job’s Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Do more. Create short and instructional videos to explain every single step required to generate the traffic. A whole lot of people will value instructional videos more than a free ebook. And according to Steve Jobs, you’ve done something wonderful and you’re entitled to money on the internet.

Once you have done some amazing things in your business, you can command and dictate what you’re worth. That’s how to make a great deal of money whether as an affiliate marketer or you’ve your own product.

The path is usually the same.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs

Website design is an integral part of making money online. Unfortunately, most people see designs as the way their site looks like to the reader/visitor, but that’s not all. Your design according to Steve Jobs is how your entire business works.

Steve Job’s Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Your design can speak a lot about you. If you’re in the business of solving problems (which you should), he tells you that your design is the first stage of meeting your prospect’s need.

Your product’s design is another key component that can determine how much you earn online. That’s why I invest in professional designers for my e-cover, call to action buttons as well as logos. Those design bits aren’t independent of each other. They need to work closely with your objective and this can have a tremendous effect on your returns.

When a potential customer visits your website, he/she should immediately see the main point – the reason why they should stick around. They should decide within 10 seconds whether your website/product is right for them or not.

That’s why your design throws more light “on how things works,” not merely how it looks or feels. Of course, nothing is wrong with your prospect having a feel of you, but you do not matter to them. Your product doesn’t matter either. What matters is the need that must be met. Not you. Not your prospect and not your product. Oops!

Steve Job’s takeaway tip

Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles. – Steve Jobs

This applies to everything I’ve done with “Solo Ads done for you traffic.” I discovered a long time ago that driving 100 targeted traffic to your website is much more powerful than sending 1000 generic visitors who do nothing when they get there.

Steve Job’s Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Give quality your topmost priority. If you’re an affiliate marketer (why not), then promote quality products that pay handsomely for your time. I personally have earned more than $250,000 with MTTB and Empower Network.

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Have has Steve Jobs’ life graced your business? The comment box is yours. Please be open-minded as you share your thoughts. See you at the top!