Traffic Authority Review – (Find Out The Truth Behind The Scenes)

You might be asking yourself…”Traffic Authority”? Is this legit or is this about stop signs and traffic cops pretending to be figures of authority? We will cover all of the juicy details inside this Traffic Authority Review for you. Since you're searching the web for more information on this new traffic generation system, let's investigate this further.

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What Is Traffic Authority?

Traffic Authority is a MLM type opportunity that provides quality traffic and website visitors that you can purchase and send the traffic over to your websites. Traffic Authority is the creation of Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey who launched this fairly new and buzzing company. The team has grown since the inception and they are still going strong.

Before there was Traffic Authority, this company was called “Infinite Leverage System” which was around in the internet marketing world for a good amount of time and a lot of people made great commissions using the system that has now regenerated itself.

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The owners of the company are known for selling traffic package in the internet marketing space. Not only have they used Infinite Leverage as a previous company, but also CPC Broker.

What Are The Traffic Authority Products?

Let's review the products inside of this opportunity and find out some more details.

  • Capture Page Builder- templates for capture pages
  • Advanced Link Tracking- stats for targeting visitors
  • Money making Pop Ups
  • Mobile Monitoring and Redirection
  • Countdown Timers
  • Split Testers
  • Website Rotators

And also Traffic Authority of course sells, well Traffic!

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Here are the packages below:

  • – Basic – $220
  • – Bronze – $440
  • – Silver – $660
  • – Gold – $1097
  • – Platinum – $2197
  • – Titanium – $4297

Wether these products are worth your money, is totally up to you. Because you might be in a spot where you need to learn all of the basic essential steps to building a business online, or maybe you're already an advanced marketer just looking to purchase traffic packages for your offers.

Anyone who joins Traffic Authority are supposedly getting paid money to send quality traffic to online businesses by cashing in on their platform.

The idea here of course is to build your own online business system/empire without thousands of employees, overhead, technical knowledge, marketing departments, or …money! You can just use the business tools we mentioned previously, then sell them to others who become part of the Traffic Authority community, and of course, your downline too. As you develop your team you promote more tools to them, anytime they purchase, you will get paid commissions on their purchases.

“I am testing TrafficAuthority as well and made my first commissions and I’m already positioned for the “Bronze-Level” WITHOUT any payments for the Traffic packages!!!

How did it work for me?
I have only the Reseller License for $20/month and I promote it without paid traffic. I have had already my e-mail list and use this mainly for promoting.
New subscribers do I find on Facebook by talking and connecting with people who are interested in this business. On that way you can find endless hot leads….

Ok, back to TrafficAuthority….
I made some sales of Reseller License what brings me an residual income of $10 each….
Some of them bought traffic packages…
I got positioned for the Bronze-Level, because I made sales about $1.400…..
To get positioned and qualified you need to sell 3 times the amount of the package (3x $440 = $1.320). Thats it to get qualified !!!

I am “in” since 3 month now, that means I paid $60 to get my Bronze-Level……

As I told you I never used the Traffic from them, but I can see in my downline that it works for them.

With first few it seems that the Traffic is expensive, but you get not only the Traffic, you get the License to make your commissions as well…..

I think I will try out the traffic later…..”

~ DirWil

How To Get Paid Using Traffic Authority?

Let's now cover a few ways you can use Traffic Authority to generate income and sales.

To qualify to receive commissions using TA, you have to own the products yourself first of all.

You must also own every Traffic Package to qualify for these commissions also.

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Then you must own both the Traffic Optimizer Tools and Traffic Academy Training for the residual income part of TA to kick in on your behalf.

The first six sales are split between themselves and the affiliate that referred them in the business, which might be a little confusing, but if you're seriously considering TA, it may or may not stop you one bit.

For your first six sales in TA, there is a 50/50 split across all of the products. The compensation plan does have pass ups and different things like that, because it is MLM.

The Traffic Authority affiliate membership is free, but you cannot get immediate commissions because first you have to make 3 sales of each product to earn anything.

Now to become completely qualified to receive commissions, you must buy all the products:

-$11,108 for all the traffic packages

-$124 per month for the monthly packages

Is There Better Way To Get Traffic?

Yes, yes there is.

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